Be Well With … Gratitude!

In this time of global uncertainty, upheaval and yes, crisis many of us find ourselves worried, stressed and anxious. Worry is our cognitive response to unknown outcomes. It happens in our mind. Stress is our physiological response to things we find overwhelming. It happens in our body. Anxiety is an emotional response that happens in both the mind and the body. They can actually serve us well!  They urge us to accomplish things, keep us out of danger, and remind us to take care of ourselves. More often we notice them when they are not serving us well.

how does gratitude fit in to this?

Evidence shows that when we focus on what we are grateful for, there is a positive effect on:

      • Physical Health
      • Social Health
      • Psychological Health
      • Self-Perceived Levels Of Stress
      • Loneliness
      • Not Only That, People Who Show Gratitude Live Longer Too!

Gratitude is something you can cultivate. Here are just a few ideas you can try. See what feels right to you:

      • Name 3 Things You Are Grateful For When You Get In Bed At Night.
      • Send A Text To A Person You Are Grateful For And Let Them Know!
      • Keep A Gratitude Journal And Write In It For 2 Minutes In The Morning.
      • Post Something You Are Grateful For On Facebook.
      • Email Me What You Are Grateful For (Let Me Know If It Is Okay If I Share Your Gratitude With Others!)

We all need extra loving kindness right now. Our friends, our loved ones, our neighbors, ourselves. In order to give one must receive. So please remember not only to give gratitude but to receive.

Be Well,



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