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Reclaim Your Truth, Vitality & Passion!


Reclaim Your Truth, Vitality & Passion!

Gabrielle is an Integrative Health and Wellness Coach who works with men and women seeking lasting lifestyle changes to improve their health and well-being. She collaborates in areas of physical, social, emotional, mind/body, spiritual, sexual health and more. She creates partnerships based on trust, non-judgment, and positivity. Gabrielle meets via telehealth and gets to know you. She explores your vision of optimal health and well-being. Based on your needs, values, and desires Gabrielle uses evidence-based processes to move clients forward and make the lasting changes they envision! Connect with Gabrielle for a no-cost discovery session.

Rediscover your inner-truth, make sustainable lifestyle changes and live your optimal life!

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Gabrielle is an Integrative Health and Wellness Coach. She completed her certification through Duke Integrative Medicine and took the certifying exam through the Board of Medical Examiners to become a National Board Certified Health and Wellness Coach. Gabrielle has a background in psychology, nutrition, fitness, mindfulness, and lifestyle and behavior change. Her passion is connecting with others in a deep and meaningful way. She is here to get to know you and your vision of a healthy optimal life, and to partner with you in making it your reality!

Gabrielle earned her bachelor’s degree in psychology from Georgetown University. After working in the fitness field, she went on to study nutritional science at California State University, Los Angeles, leaving before taking her degree due to an illness. Subsequently, she became a Certified Lamaze Childbirth Educator and doula, an experience she found both challenging and rewarding. Her interest in fitness and nutrition continued as she became a mom to four amazing little humans of her own!

Many of us have made changes in the past, only to feel frustrated when life gets in the way.

” Take a deep breath.
This is normal.
You are human.
We are resistant to change.
Take another deep breath.
Change is hard.
But here’s the great part.
Behavior change is an evidence-based process.
And I am here to help! ”
– Gabrielle Cohen

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How Can Gabrielle Help You?

    • Were you told at a doctor’s exam that you are pre-diabetic or have high cholesterol?
    • Do you deal with chronic fatigue?
    • Want to lose weight but don’t want to diet?
    • Feel like something is missing but are not sure what it is?
    • Want to improve your sex life, but nobody talks about that!
    • Suffer from pain, but don’t want to complain or be on pills?
    • Keep hearing about mindfulness, but are not sure what it is or how that can help?
    • Seek more meaningful relationships?
    • Lack fulfillment in your professional life?

Anyone who is looking to improve his or her life can benefit from a health and wellness coach because change, even a positive change, is not easy!  As an Integrative Health and Wellness Coach, Gabrielle is trained in the evidence-based process of behavior change. So, whether you are trying to manage chronic disease, aiming to prevent disease, or just wanting to live a more vibrant life, Gabrielle can help you. How?

She will get to know you, and she will explore your vision of your optimal health and well-being. Based on your needs, values, and desires, Gabrielle will create a personalized approach with well-defined, measurable, and sustainable goals based on your unique life.

With a plan, Gabrielle can turn your dream of a different way of life into a goal. With each step in your plan, she will turn your goal into your reality. The magic is in enjoying the JOURNEY!

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